Im 15 in January and i know that may seem young but i am pretty cool haha, Im from Alberta! Message me i would love to be friends! 

zina, 19, guelph

i’m new to canada, come show me around

Hi, I’m Clarisse. 19 years old and looking to meet new people :3

10/19/2013 (10:59am)

20 and from Ontario. Come talk to me? :)


Camille • queer as a three dollar bill •  Calgary Alberta • FOLLOW & MESSAGE ME!

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Looking for some new friends. :) 


Waddup my Tumblr gals,

My name is Danielle and I live in Van, BC

Hit me up at :)

16, ontario; the names amanda, and i like meeting new people :). 

Hi there! I’m Holly, from Nova Scotia. I like reading, driving, and country music. I’m also 16.

Kik is hahenley 

Elsie Jane.
Hailing from the West, sailing in the East.
I hate to use the term nerd… But yeah, I’m a nerd.
I like lovely ladies with great personalities.
Message me:

 Hi  I’m Tracy ,17, super friendly ,single, and from T.O :)

Follow me on instagram: _trvy_ or say Hi to me on my tumblr : 

21 // bi // moustache-obsessed, gender-fluid, bodymod fanatic from good ‘ol Deadmonton.
My thoughts are geometric dreams and broken lines pulled apart.