Hey, I’m Kailee, but I go by Kai. I’m 18 and from PEI but I go to school in Ottawa taking engineering. I’d love to meet some cool people, message me anytime. Love reading, writing, nature, watching anime, and superwholock. 


hi lovelies!
the name’s kayla.
i’m 19, bisexual, and canadian.
cats, adventure time, forests.

Im 15 in January and i know that may seem young but i am pretty cool haha, Im from Alberta! Message me i would love to be friends! 


zina, 19, guelph

i’m new to canada, come show me around

Hi, I’m Clarisse. 19 years old and looking to meet new people :3


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20 and from Ontario. Come talk to me? :)


Camille • queer as a three dollar bill •  Calgary Alberta • FOLLOW & MESSAGE ME!


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Looking for some new friends. :) 


Waddup my Tumblr gals,

My name is Danielle and I live in Van, BC

Hit me up at daazednconfusedd.tumblr.com :)

16, ontario; the names amanda, and i like meeting new people :). 

Hi there! I’m Holly, from Nova Scotia. I like reading, driving, and country music. I’m also 16.

Kik is hahenley